Telephone Hybrid / AutoHybrid / Hybrid Coupler / Etc.

Traditionally, a Telephone Hybrid is used isolate Caller Audio from a phone line. There are many different flavors of Telephone Hybrids available, and they apparently work to varying levels of success. It is worth noting that I have never used a Telephone Hybrid, and any information below is the result of extensive online research.

Regardless of whether a Telephone Hybrid is Analog or Digital, it accomplishes the same effect: converting a two-wire telephone signal wherein Caller Audio is mixed with Host Audio into a four-wire telephone signal in which Caller Audio is separated into one pair of wires and Host Audio is separated into another pair of wires.

Used Analog Hybrids may be within the budget of small Streaming Broadcasters. Common models, such as the Gentner Hybrid Coupler or the Gentner AutoCoupler can be purchased for around $70 to $100 on Ebay. As these items are used, and therefore presumably abused, that is quite a large risk for a small Streaming Broadcaster to take for a piece of hardware that may or may not function.

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